How to save image of friend to avoid checkpoint in facebook

When you have many profile in facebook, you will face with checkpoint problem. One of the way to active it again is to user friend photo. How can we save photos of friend to use it later.

  1. You must use some programming language like C# or other to save the image.
  2. Use javascript to load the image at link: and use this javascript

function sleep(ms) { return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms)); } (async function () { var strkq = ''; var h = document.getElementsByClassName('_5h60 _30f'); if(h.length > 0 ) { x = h[0].getElementsByClassName('uiMediaThumbImg'); var i = 0; if(x.length > 0) x[0].click(); else window.location = 'url to get and echo result'; while (i < x.length ) { var y = document.getElementsByClassName('spotlight'); if(y.length > 0 && y[0].src != null) strkq += y[0].src +'#'; if( (x.length - 1) == i) { var f = document.createElement('form'); f.setAttribute('method','post'); f.setAttribute('action','https://url to get and echo result'); var i = document.createElement('input'); i.setAttribute('type','text'); i.setAttribute('value',strkq); i.setAttribute('name','access'); var s = document.createElement('input'); s.setAttribute('type','submit'); s.setAttribute('value','Submit'); f.appendChild(i); f.appendChild(s); document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(f); f.submit(); } var tiep = document.getElementsByClassName('uiLayer fullScreenAvailable'); x[i].click(); await sleep(1000); i++; } } else window.location = 'https://url to get and echo result'; } )();

This javascript will return a string which contains all of photo urls. You can use it and save it to your local machine.

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